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Legacy finance software was holding Bloom back, making data processing a laborious process, with room for human error. Simply generating reports for the group was taking far too long.

By introducing a cloud-based bluQube solution, we helped Bloom streamline processes and generate fully accurate reports - in a fraction of the time.


The challenge:


Being part of a large conglomerate with a complex structure, Bloom needed a finance system that could handle their local requirements yet enable easy data sharing with their parent company in Denmark. When the group later underwent a merger, a new outsourced finance function in China needed tailored access to financial data in order to run reports, while the team in Devon continued with day-to-day operations. 

Their finance teams were spending too much time and effort on simple data processing, when they should have been involved with more strategic tasks to help the company make informed decisions.

Data input often meant repeating what had already been keyed into Excel spreadsheets, while the output was largely in the form of data exports that needed further manipulation. The process wasn’t just time-consuming, it was also prone to human error and difficult to effectively share internationally.

With such a slow and antiquated system, the team also found it more or less impossible to meet the reporting obligations, as they were taking too long to generate.


Our answer:


We moved Bloom to a cloud-hosted bluQube solution, which was particularly appropriate as there was a lack of secure and air-conditioned space for them to expand their current on-premise servers. Therefore saving time, space and money.

bluQube simplified the coding structure for Bloom, with capacity to meet future challenges and grow with the business. The whole business can now be involved in financial reporting, with line managers having access to data so they can manage and approve their departments’ expenses.

Although the system generates easy-to-read, visually exciting high-level reports that help to engage all departments, it also allows more complex reporting, delivering the depth and insights that the finance team really needs.  


“I knew we had made the right decision when at the end of a meeting, every member of my team walked out with a smile on their face”



Bloom can now view real-time reports in an instant, without having to run reports every time and export them to Excel. The team has seen an end to repetitive processes, with information being available to the end-user much more quickly. Any potential for human error has been eliminated too.

  • Time spent re-keying data has been reduced
  • Instant reports are now available for all levels of the business
  • Reporting is now more timely and more accurate


Implementing bluQube has hugely boosted staff morale too, a monthly task that used to take three days to complete has been reduced to just a matter of hours, so less time, less errors and a much happier team, what more can be said!


About Bloom Hearing

Bloom Hearing is a UK based specialist in the manufacture, maintenance and retail of hearing aids and ear hygiene products, with a turnover of over £10m.

With their head office and finance function located in Devon, Bloom Hearing is one subsidiary of the larger Danish group W/S Audiology, now the third-largest hearing conglomerate in the word. 

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