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Cloud accounting might be the biggest advance in finance since the spreadsheet. 


Eliminate the burden of dealing with hosting, upgrades and maintenance. Instead, get a powerful and highly secure finance system that you can easily access no matter where you are. 


At bluQube we love Cloud accounting. In fact, it's what we do best. Beginning work on our very own cloud platform way back in 2008, built from the ground up for the high security needs of your financial data. 


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How it works

With our bluQube cloud system, we host and manage your entire accounting software on our bomb-proof servers remotely, saving your IT team the expense of managing everything from your own servers in a costly air-conditioned room. 

We really do mean a full cloud service that we developed from the ground up in 2008, that's monitored 24/7 365 by our internal teams, and has boasted a 99.99% uptime over the last 4 years!

The cloud system has exceeded our expectations in terms of reliability
- Newham College

Access anywhere, anytime

All you need is an internet connection and you can access our 'best-in-class' data facilities and a powerful finance system, from any device and any location.

We'll take care of the back end, maintaining, updating and improving the system remotely, so you don't have to. All of which means all you have to worry about is making the most of your up-to-the-minute, user-friendly software.


Save time and resource

Space, energy, IT resource, hardware maintenance, software upgrades... By doing away with expensive in-house servers, the list of savings you'll make goes on and on.

What's more, our clever tech-bods always apply the latest Windows updates and Oracle patches to the cloud infrastructure, while also updating your system with 4 major software updates a year. Alleviating the load on your in-house IT team.

The systems work together seamlessly saving us a lot of time by eliminating the need to re-key data.
- Hills Road Sixth Form College
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Highly Secure

bluQube Cloud is hosted in the UK's most secure data centre. We're talking nuclear grade bomb-proof and flood-proof.

Your accounting software also benefits from 3 tiers of data back-ups, 2048 SSL encryption, regular penetration testing and cross-platform versatility. All ensuring your financial data gets the very best in security, at a level that would be unaffordable for most businesses to manage in-house. 

Unlike many suppliers, we also provide regular database health checks and send you a full cloud report every month, so you can always see how your system is being managed.

10 Years In the Cloud

bluQube began life in 1996, and we started working on our very own cloud platform way back in 2008. 
We tested it thoroughly and saw our first cloud hosted customer go live in 2011.

"In some ways we were perhaps a little TOO early to cloud, in that we had to do lots of work to overcome market resistance, but at least we then had the experience that we needed unlike a lot of our competitors."
- Simon Kearsley, bluQube CEO

Affordable and Scalable

Instead of budget shaking up-front costs, you can enjoy cash flow friendly monthly instalments, allowing you to expand and shrink your use of the cloud as you need.

Plus, you never have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs for in-house servers, or heavy investments in equipment you're not using.


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