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Interoperability - hard to say, easy to love
Making finance systems more open to multiple platforms, more accessible, more accurate and more immediate, requires an increasingly complex web of systems and software. The art of truly excellent modern accounting software is in making the complex - simple.

How it works

Interoperability is arguably the biggest, most important thing to happen to the world of software in the last decade. bluQube allows each and every system your organisation uses to share information in an instant to our finance software.

This isn't just integration, it's an advance comparable to building with precision glass and steel instead of sticks and mud.

Connect by bluQube is the collective term for a number of our interoperability tools, allowing our finance system to access data held within your other IT systems transferring the data you need securely and accurately.

Tablet and smartphone accessible

What's in it for me?

  • + Time and efficiency
    - Time and efficiency
    Input your data once, in the knowledge this has fed through to all other systems, so you can move on to the next job instead of monotonously rekeying again and again.

    Re-keying data (as well as being incredibly dull) is incredibly risky. Risk is something particularly unwelcome in any finance team, our goal is therefore to eradicate it.
  • + Real-time reporting
    - Real-time reporting
    Now this is really exciting. No more waiting for reports that may well be weeks out of date.

    Anyone you require can now access their own reporting, removing the need for your team to compile them, with simple, accurate data, easy to interpret interfaces it's a secure breeze for other departments.
  • + Cost
    - Cost
    With the risk of human error and system error minimised, finance teams are now free to do what they do best (and organisations are free from the added cost of hiring temps for data entry tasks).
  • + Self-Service processes
    - Self-Service processes
    All departments can now update and take ownership of their own systems, keeping everything up-to-date themselves, saving them from contacting the finance team with constant change requests.

The next step

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