Interoperability. Hard to say, but easy to love.

bluQube's interoperable technology enables the finance system to freely share data with 3rd party systems throughout your business. Allowing you to incorporate data from other departments in to your financial reporting, in-real time. 

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How it works

Interoperability isn't just integration, it's an advance comparable to building with precision glass and steel instead of sticks and mud. 

bluQube is built from the ground up with real-time data sharing in mind. Allowing our finance system to access data held within your other IT systems transferring the data you need securely and accurately, in an instant. 

Meaning you can say goodbye to manual data entry, and never have to be tied into a suite of systems from a single supplier.

Integration makes our daily Sales Ledger processes much easier and faster, along with reducing the masses of paper flying around the office. The systems work together seamlessly saving us a lot of time by eliminating the need to re-key data.
- South Devon College

Real-time reporting

bluQube's interoperability allows for real-time data sharing with any of the systems throughout your business. 

Meaning you don't need to wait for data to be manually exported, manipulated and re-keyed from system to system. Instead, you login to bluQube, check your dashboard and make the decisions you need with accurate and up to date information.

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Save time and boost efficiency

Rekeying information from one system to another, running manual data exports, collating and printing reports... it all takes time. 

bluQube's interoperability ensures that data from around the business is always up to date in the finance system, allowing budget holders and mangement teams to login and help themselves to the latest figures. Saving your core finance team countless hours to focus on tasks that really matter.

We gave South Devon College the tools to seamlessly integrate their systems...

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Debt management made easy

Reduce costs

With the risk of human error and system error minimised, finance teams are now free to do what they do best. 

And you'll be free from the added cost of temps and data entry staff.

Everyday examples of interoperability

Despite real-time data sharing being so common place in our personal tech, some business system suppliers might still try and tell you it can't be done. At bluQube we're not trying to tie you in to a suite of products. Just like these everyday examples, we believe real-time data sharing is the way to go.


Apps such as Uber access Google maps to update your taxi's location in real-time.

Smart Central Heating

Smart central heating thermostats access information from local weather reports to efficiently control your home's temperature.

Facebook Events

Facebook events and birthdays seamlessly sync with your iPhone calendar in an instant.

Empower self-service processes

All departments can now update and take ownership of their own data and their own systems, with that information seamlessly syncing with your finance software.

Saving your finance team being bombarded with constant change requests.


Active Integrations

  • Cyber Essentials Certified Plus
  • Pay360
  • Tribal
  • DoodlePay
  • Archdesk
  • Document Logistix
  • Pecos
  • V1
  • Drive Software Solutions
  • HMRC
  • WPM Education
  • Parabilis
  • Advanced
  • ESS
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