Debt Management

Forget clunky reports, hand-typed letters and bespoke emails. bluQube speeds up the entire debt management process ensuring you get paid faster.
With real-time debtor dashboards, customisable billing cycles and flexible communications template, bluQube makes it simple to manage debts promptly so you can get back to the job at hand.

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How it Works

With a dedicated debt management control centre, bluQube allows you to always have an accurate, real-time view of debtors, alongside the full flexibility to chase them how you want and when you want.

bluQube's debt management tools are designed to ensure you get paid promptly, while minimising manual resource from your finance team.

Given the way bluQube works, the look and feel, it makes it much easier
- Steve, Head of Finance
Debt management control centre

View what you're owed at a glance

Ensure you always have an accurate and up to date view on what you're owed and avoid any nasty cash-flow surprises.

Clear, bold dashboards show your top debtors and an overview of all outstanding debt, at a glance.

And when you need to dive a little deeper, as with all bluQube dashboards, it just takes a single click to drilldown into the detail.


Manage custom billing cycles

Create your own cycles for billing and chasing, so customers are chased how you want and when you want.

Utilise email, phone calls, letters and custom external actions in a structured process for your staff to follow.

Create multiple billing cycles to further segment your debts and truly customise how you chase them.


Custom billing cycles
Customisable debtor communications

Tailor communications to suit you

When it comes to chasing your debt, you need to be sure the tone is just right and accurately reflects both your organisation and the severity of the situation at hand.
bluQube allows you to create your own letters and email templates for staff to utilise and send them out directly from the finance system. Avoiding communications blunders and speeding up the entire process.

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