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automated accounts payable

Modernise your accounts payable process

bluQube OCR is designed to streamline your entire payments process.

Reviewing incoming invoices, keying the information in to the finance system, digging around for POs.. Accounts Payable is far too often a slow and manual process that eats up time and resources.

Skip the pain of data entry - check and approve your invoices before uploading them rather than spending hours manual typing them in.

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How does OCR work?

Invoices are emailed, uploaded, scanned or dragged and dropped into an approval portal

  1. bluQube OCR extracts key information
  2. Invoice data is matched to supplier and PO 
  3. Relevant user(s) are notified an invoice is ready for review. 
  4. Your team checks, makes any changes, authorise and upload.
  5. Invoices approved swiftly.
  6. payments made faster.
  7. goods received quicker than ever before.

Less arduous tasks makes a happier team; free to focus their expertise on priority tasks.

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It is saving us not only resource and time, but also the cost to do it ourselves!
- Peter, Finance Director
bluQube Purchase Invoice Screen

Store all your invoices in one place

Sometimes just finding an invoice can be hours of wasted time...

bluQube OCR keeps all your invoices in one place and saves a raw image of orginal documents - find everything easily without digging through archived folders and ex-employee email inboxes.

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Approve from any device, any time

In the past you would have had to wait for an invoice to have be manually entered into the finance system, which means someone needs to be in the office...

A mobile-friendly interface and browser-based access enables invoices to be quickly approved by authorisers wherever they are working from.

Invoices are processed and payments are made faster, improving cash flow and ensuring those all-important orders always arrive on time.

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bluQube Batched Purchase Invoice Screen

Free your staff to focus their expertise

Moving from the slow and painful invoice entry process to quick data reviews, your staff will find themselves with time to focus on new things.

Just think what your organisation could achieve with their combined expertise focussed on things like reporting, forecasting and more detailed analysis.

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