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We've taken a fresh look at financial reporting, creating a system that is intuitive to use for non-finance teams to run their own reports, while retaining the powerful functionality your core finance team need.

bluQube's reporting tools deliver more accurate information, that's more up to date, in a way that delivers more insight and empowers smarter decision making. 

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bluQube was by far the easiest to use. Another supplier who had very similar features was dismissed purely on the basis that it was too cumbersome to use.
- Andrew, Finance Systems Officer


Accounting software with the ability to produce reports is nothing new. However, software that is accurate, immediate (wherever you are) and satisfyingly intuitive enough that it enables other departments to be responsible for their own reporting, is surprisingly rare. 

The traditionally clunky, complex and time intensive reporting of the past has been superseded by bluQube's intuitive, insightful solution. With a visually pleasing logic and ease of use, you might think it was actually designed to help people! 

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Anytime, anywhere

access from any device

Intuitive design

for finance and non-finance staff

Real-time integration

with your 3rd party systems

Real Time Accuracy

Forget manual data entry between systems. bluQube's interoperability allows for real-time data sharing with your 3rd party business systems.

This means your reports always give a full picture of performance, with up to the minute information from around the business. 

Reporting Dashboard

Intuitive User Friendly Design

Finance software doesn't have to be grey and boring. bluQube uses bold, bright colours, intuitive sign posting and simple to follow process flows.

Meaning any member of the business can self-access the reports they need and easily digest the information at hand.

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Secure Excel-Integration

If you're manually exporting data from the finance system only to report on it in Excel, you're putting the security and integrity of your data at risk. That's why bluQube's extensive reporting suite offers all the tools you need. 

But if sometimes you do just need Excel, we've got that covered too. Building bluQube with a secure Excel integration to eliminate the need for manual data exports. 

Use the Excel functionality you know and love to build reports, while your data remains safe and up to date in bluQube's secure Oracle database.

Self-Service Reporting

bluQube is also built with flexible access controls and security levels. Give budget holders and management teams tailored access to the dashboards and reports they need, safe in the knowledge they only see the data they need and none of the stuff they don't. 

What's more, bluQube is 100% mobile friendly. So wherever you are, you can always access the latest reports you need.

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