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Reporting - Data is useless if it isn't digestible
Finance teams are clever, for decades they have managed to find a way of making uncommunicative, unintuitive systems 'work' far beyond their capability. But, imagine a finance system where these steps were automatic and logical. Imagine a system that minimises the risk of human error, a system so sophisticated in its simplicity it even allows heads of department to securely access their own reports in real-time. Our system is that system!

How it works

Financial software with the ability to produce reports is nothing new... but software that is accurate, immediate (wherever you are) and satisfyingly simple enough that it enables other departments to be responsible for their own reporting is surprisingly rare.

The traditionally clunky, complex and time intensive reporting of the past has been superseded by bluQube's intuitive, insightful solution with a visually pleasing logic and ease of use, that'd make you think it was actually designed to help people!

Tablet and smartphone accessible

What's in it for me?

  • + Self-Service Ownership
    - Self-Service Ownership
    Put simply, our system allows people in all departments to have responsibility for their own reporting without having to pester the finance team.

    This allows for swift performance across the organisation! Rest assured, all access is controlled and limited to just what they need.
  • + User-friendly
    - User-friendly
    We know that data needs to be digestible, so we've ensured that information is presented in a logical/visually pleasing way, enabling everyone with controlled access, a usable interface that allows them to filter down to just the info they need.
  • + Real-time Accuracy
    - Real-time Accuracy
    Thanks to interoperability everything is now connected. Any data added in to any of your software you wish to link - is available in an instant. Not only is this efficient but it removed the need to re-key any data, previously exposing it to errors and security threats.

    It's also always relevant, in real-time, accessible anywhere on any device from our cloud.

The next step

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