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We made Bishop Grosseteste University College 100% Paperless

Case study: Bishop Grosseteste University College

No one understands the headaches associated with a slow, cumbersome system more than us. Which is why, when Bishop Grosseteste approached us to help change their rather un-friendly system into a paperless office - we jumped at the opportunity

The challenge:

The University College needed a new system that matched the demanding nature of modern day finances. Their current system was paper-based, incumbent and had a lack of user-friendliness. The Assistant Accountant at the University College explains how inefficient their old system was, “Its biggest limitation was the number of users who could log-on to the system at any one time, so for instance if any of our staff wanted to use the system, it was a case of asking someone else to log-off first.” bluQube helped by hastily bringing them back to the 21st Century! Devolved use was also a big deal, as opening up the system to non-financial staff would save a world of time.

Our answer:

The University College’s Financial Officer, explains how having a great user interface made the daunting process of migrating to the new system so much easier.

“ bluQube was by far the easiest to use. Another supplier who had very similar features was dismissed purely on the basis that it was too cumbersome to use...”

The University College had a goal which was to become a 100% paperless office. This meant that bluQube needed to integrate seamlessly with an electric document management and imaging system. We teamed up with another organisation to allow users to scan historical documents and invoices into a database. These electronic documents were then easily accessible via the central accounting system. Finally, a devolvement strategy was enforced which allowed budget holders access to the information only they required. About 90% of budget holders queries could now be resolved thanks to the devolved, self-service accounting system.

The outcome:

•  An integrated flexible accounts structure

•  Enhanced reports and financial information

•  Devolved use

Shining a light on our customer.

Bishop Grosseteste is a well-established higher education institution based in Lincoln. When they came to us with their dilemma, we sought to bring them into the 21st Century by helping them take steps towards becoming a paperless office.

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