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Our accounting software ensures your organisation has the right tools and insights to drive success. Correct software will free up your finance team to concentrate on the important things like strategy and the bottom line.
Make reports available at the touch of a button, all updated 24/7. So anyone across your business can make effective decisions instantly.
Introducing true Interoperability, live links, instant updates across different platforms, so you only need to enter data once. Less time and money keying in info and less human error too.
Get access to the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it with Cloud. So when they're out of the building they can still be on the case.
Decision makers can view their own, easy-to-read reports via tailored dashboards within the finance system. The days of constantly bothering the finance team are over.
With bluQube you can find out where your orders are up to in an instant. With clear visibility, you can all work to the same hymn sheet and speed up authorisations and debt management.
Our real time sync software actually increases security, as data is kept on just one system, not scattered about online or in insecure offline spreadsheets. It's all encrypted in transit and securely backed up - in military grade data centres.

What’s different about it?
So why should I choose you?

Software should make your work easier

We go further

We’re not just a supplier. We work alongside you to fix the issues you want to solve and make everything more effective. We’ll start by talking to you about the challenges you face, and then give you an upfront fixed cost to go ahead and get things sorted.

Simple processes

The software uses simple, step-by-step signposting. It’s built for the whole business. So non-finance staff can raise and approve invoices, taking the weight off the finance team.

Must-have software

Forget grey spreadsheets. Take in the data at a glance, with bold graphics and easy-to-understand design. It makes things more intuitive for everyone, and you can tailor the system for every end user.

All in real time

With Interoperability, you can choose the system that’s right for each department. All the data is kept constantly up-to-date across every system. There’s no time lag, just fully accurate information.

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