bluQube for Non-Finance Staff

Accounting software isn't just for the finance team. You may not love it, but if you're a board member, director, or budget holder, those finance tasks are just a fact of life.

Checking financial reports, managing budgets and authorising orders will always be part of your role, but they don't need to be clunky and boring. That's why we designed bluQube with you in mind too, saving you time so you can get back to the day job. 

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bluQube's modern looking and intuitive interface has been fantastic in terms of increasing usability across the site - allowing us to get on with what really matters
- Stuart, VP of Finance

Accounting Software That's Not Grey!

You may have noticed that bluQube looks a little different to the finance systems you're used to.

Bright colours, bold graphics and clean layouts make bluQube simply a nice place to be, so you don't need to dread the inevitable finance tasks. 

Tailored access levels ensure you only see data that's relevant to you so you're never bogged down with irrelevant information.

What's more, with customisable favourites menus you can always jump straight in to your most used screens without wasting a second!

Budgets on Tablet for on the go

Take Control of Your Own Budget

Putting in requests to the finance office, waiting on reports to come back... only for them to be out of date by the time they reach you! Sound familiar?

bluQube empowers you to jump into the finance system yourself and take control of your own budget in real-time. 

Easily Review Outstanding Tasks

Whether it's Purchase Orders to approve, staff expenses to review, or new suppliers to authorise, with bluQube all your outstanding tasks are highlighted in one handy place the second you log in.

Your orders will arrive sooner, expenses will be paid more quickly, and you'll always have an electronic audit trail.

Never miss a step

Never Miss A Step

All processes in bluQube make use of handy step by step flows, ensuring your tasks are clear and intuitive and that you'll never miss a step.

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