Core Features

When it comes to your accounting software, you need to be sure you've got all the core features and functionality covered.

bluQube is a fully integrated, modern finance system, used by organisations of all shapes and sizes, across a range of sectors.

Delivering all the core accounting functionality you need, bluQube's modular approach allows it to be flexible and highly customisable, allowing you to pick and choose tools to meet your specific requirements.

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What can bluQube do for you?

Take a look through just a handful of bluQube’s core features below.

If we were to list out all the things bluQube can do, you’d be scrolling all day long. Below is just a taste of the core features to show we've got all the key stuff covered.

General System Functionality

bluQube has fully intengrated purchase ledger
Integrated purchase ledger
bluQube has fully intengrated purchase order processing
Integrated purchase order processing
bluQube has fully intengrated sales ledger
Integrated sales ledger
bluQube has fully intengrated commitment accounting
Integrated commitment accounting
bluQube has fully intengrated fixed assets
Integrated fixed assets
bluQube has unlimited volumes of sales and purchase invoices
Unlimited volumes of sales and purchase invoices
bluQube has full audit trails
Full audit trails
bluQube has multiple VAT rates
Multiple VAT rates
bluQube is Making Tax Digital (MTD) compatible
Making Tax Digital (MTD) compatible
bluQube is muti-currency compatible
Muti-currency compatible
bluQube has online authorisations
Online authorisations
bluQube has real-time budget availability
Real-time budget availability
bluQube allows for multiple bank accounts
Multiple bank accounts
bluQube allows for bank statement upload
Bank statement upload
bluQube allows for BACS upload
BACS upload
bluQube allows for custom accounting periods
Custom accounting periods
bluQube allows for automated invoice entry
Automated invoice entry
bluQube allows for automated debt management
Automated debt management
bluQube allows for employee expenses
Employee Expenses
bluQube allows for employee timesheets
Employee Timesheets
bluQube allows for project accounting
Project Accounting
bluQube allows for grant and fund accounting
Grant and fund accounting
bluQube is Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) recognised
Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) recognised


bluQube has custom graphical dashboards
Custom graphical dashboards
bluQube has a suite of pre-built reports
Suite of pre-built reports
bluQube has user defined bespoke reporting
User defined bespoke reporting
bluQube has one-click drilldown
One-click drilldown
bluQube has report scheduling
Report Scheduling

Nominal Ledger

bluQube has flexible coding structures
Flexible coding structures
bluQube has multi-company multi-ledger functionality
Multi-company multi-ledger
bluQube has user multi-dimensional coding
Multi-dimensional coding
bluQube has consolidation tools
Consolidation tools
bluQube has multiple open periods
Multiple open periods
bluQube has automated inter-company charges
Automated inter-company charges

Data Sharing

bluQube has interoperable open API integrations
Interoperable open API integrations
bluQube has Secure Excel Integration
Secure Excel Integration
bluQube has CSV, Excel and PDF exports
CSV, Excel and PDF exports
bluQube has CSV and Excel uploads
CSV and Excel uploads

System Access

bluQube has unlimited users
Unlimited users
bluQube has 99.99% system availability
99.99% system availability
bluQube has maintenance always carried out outside of working hours
Maintenance always carried out outside of working hours
bluQube is 100% browser based - requires no install client
100% browser based - requires no install client
bluQube is mobile friendly
Mobile friendly
bluQube is flexible and tailored user access
Flexible and tailored user access
bluQube has multi-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication
bluQube has fully UK based support
Fully UK based support
bluQube has 24/7 online help
24/7 online help

How will bluQube meet your requirements?

For a full understanding of what bluQube could do for your organisation, book your own personalised demonstration.

All our demos take place online and whether you have an hour to spare or just 10 minutes, we'll make them fit around you. Designed to give you a chance to see bluQube in action while being able to chat through your specific requirements with a member of the team.

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