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We were tasked with helping South Devon College implement an integrated system that would bridge the gap between bluQube and EBS.

We gave them Connect, which saved time by eliminating the need to re-key information and reducing the risk of duplication.


The challenge:

South Devon College were looking for a tool that would integrate their existing systems to eliminate the need to re-key data throughout the college and relieve strain from the finance team. They also wanted to extend access to finance beyond the finance team, but security was a big thing for the College, they wanted to be able to define exactly what users can and can’t see. The College was losing huge amounts of time by endlessly rekeying their data into two separate systems as well as running around getting Purchase Orders signed off by various individuals.


Our answer:

bluQube offer Connect; an efficient tool that speaks to other systems in order to share information across the organisation and different platforms. All information is updated accurately in real-time in order to completely eradicate the process of manually entering the same data into different systems. Devolved accounting gave non-finance staff access to bluQube and with access classes set up, they were able to see what they needed to. With Purchase Invoices now being scanned in and authorised electronically, there was no need for hard copies to be kept, saving the mountains of paperwork loitering in the office.



The outcome:

The seamless integration between bluQube and EBS’s Student System using Connect, also saved the College time by not having to re-key data. This has been one of the biggest benefits that the College has seen since utilising Connect. 

Plus, after introducing a devolved approach across the College, it meant that teams no longer had to go around the houses in order to get Purchase Orders authorised and signed off. The teams are now able to raise their own Purchase Orders and get them moving along the chain and signed off much quicker than before. The feedback has been great, with now over 100 devolved users using the software across the campus. The College is now exploring other systems which they can integrate, in order to make the most of bluQube’s capabilities.


“Integration makes our daily Sales Ledger processes much easier and faster, along with reducing the masses of paper flying around the office. The systems work together seamlessly saving us a lot of time by eliminating the need to re-key data.”



Shining a light on our customer.

South Devon College has a history of over 85 years since its establishment in 1931. The College sees more than 10,000 students come through its doors every year. With an annual turnover of £30m, they were itching to increase efficiency and streamline its processes across all areas of the organisation.

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