Migrate from Sage 50 with ease

If you've outgrown your Sage 50 software and are looking for a finance system that can handle your growing business, rest assured we've helped countless organisation's just like yours and we can do it again!

bluQube includes a dedicated solution to import your historical financial data from Sage 50.

Intuitively access and report on past accounting items from a future-proofed bluQube system that will grow and adapt with your business. 

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Import your historical Sage 50 data

When it comes to your organisation's financial data, you can never be too sure what you'll need and when. 

bluQube allows you to import all your historical data from Sage 50 in to your new bluQube finance system. Making it secure to store and simple to access whenever you need.

Import Sage 50 data to bluQube

Outgrown your current accounting solution?

Discover the perils of remote working with an overstretched finance system...

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Meet a system you'll never outgrow

If you've outgrown your current software, you'll no doubt have experienced the pains as it grinds to a halt under the pressures of your growing business. Inflexible reporting, never-ending loading screens and the constant fear of a complete crash and costly fix.

With bluQube, pay for the system you need today and simply add more as your requirements change. Whether that's users, software modules or data storage... as your organisation grows, your accounting software can too.

Intuitively navigate old records

When a query crops up and you have to dive into historical financial records, you need that data in a format that's quick and pain-free to navigate.

bluQube holds your historical data within our intuitive reporting grids. Making it simple to tab between document types, search records, sort columns and create your own custom reports.

Navigate old Sage 50 records
Keep Sage 50 data secure

Keep your old data as secure as the new

When the time comes to migrate to new accounting software, you'll either face costly read-only access to your old system, or rely upon insecure exports and spreadsheets.

By importing Sage 50 data into your new system, it's held within bluQube's powerful Oracle database and is fully protected by the same leading security features that your new data will enjoy too.

Enjoy a bold design and customisable access

If you've outgrown your Sage 50 software, no doubt you and your team are fed up of tip-toeing around a system on its last legs.

bluQube's powerful, UK hosted cloud solution ensures it remains fast to use, while it's bold design and customisable access controls make it a pleasure to navigate. So intuitive to use, budget holders and management teams will love it too. 

Bold and bright accounting software

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