Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Accounting

If you are a contractor, or sub-contractor registered under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), managing the required HMRC payments is a headache you could do without. With bluQube, the accounting software handles all that heavy lifting for you, saving you from time-consuming manual calculations.

bluQube's integrated CIS tools ensure you'll be able to provide clarity to contractors, have simple access to the data you need and always remain fully CIS compliant.

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How does it work?

With HMRC payments automatically deducted from payments to sub-contractors, bluQube alleviates you from the painstaking task of manual calculations for each and every transaction.

What's more, dedicated CIS summary screens and pre-configured reports make it simple to gather the data you need for your monthly CIS returns, audits and internal reporting.

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Automatically generate sub-contractor statements

bluQube enables you to automatically generate monthly statements for your CIS sub-contractors and email them out directly from the finance system.

Ensuring both you and your sub-contractors always have a clear and quick view of any CIS payments made.

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Eliminate manual CIS payment calculations

CIS payments for HMRC get automatically calculated by bluQube and deducted from payments to sub-contractors, saving you from time consuming calculations. Those fees are then filed for you to manage on a monthly basis, eliminating the need to do them for individual sub-contractor payments.

What's more, bluQube also allows you to code specific lines of a sub-contractor invoice as CIS deductible, preventing them from being included in payment calculations and offering you a fully customisable solution.

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Manage monthly CIS returns

Accurate, immediate and intuitive reporting

Financial reporting is easier with bluQube. Bold, visual dashboards, intuitive drill-downs and powerful functionality your whole team will love.

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Intuitively report and audit CIS payments

With all CIS payments processed within bluQube, quickly incorporate CIS information in to your reports at the click of a button. bluQube's powerful and flexible reporting tools give you fast access to the data you need for internal analysis and external audits.

Save time filing monthly CIS returns

Dedicated CIS summary screens within bluQube give you all the information you need to file monthly CIS returns, readily available in one handy place. Saving you time to focus on the tasks at hand and reducing the risk of pesky fines.

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Always stay CIS compliant

With bluQube, you can rest assured your finance system always stays CIS compliant. We're dedicated to keeping on top of changes in legislation so you don't have to.

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