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Our People

We're an eclectic bunch, each of us brought together with a shared passion for all things financial.

By day, we like to think we're friendly - easy to reach, easy to talk to and most importantly easy to understand. We'll talk about how we can help in plain english without a word of jargon in sight!

Oh...and when we're not focussing our energies on the world of finance we're usually indulging in all manner of weird and wonderful activities to get our weekly adrenaline fix!

Simon Kearsley CEO

Simon is an instrumental character at bluQube, responsible for overseeing business strategy and management. When he’s not thinking of new ways to completely re-invent the world of financial management, you’ll find him, setting, planning and monitoring the direction of travel for the business.

He also has a degree in Botany (no, he’s not sure why either!) and is the CEO of bluQube.

Lorraine Allison
Facilities Manager

When it comes to multi-tasking, no one can do it better than our Lorraine. With a background of admin management under her belt, she keeps her own admin and technical teams in check (whilst they do their best to keep her on her toes!)

As our Facilities Manager, she is a key contact for a number of our customers and somehow also finds time to ensure everything is tickety-boo with our offices and team.  She is a shining example of brilliance! 


Rob Swan
Financial Controller

Rob’s role at bluQube goes way beyond the ‘number crunching’ normally associated with being a Financial Controller. If he’s not wearing his ‘math’s’ hat, he may be sporting his ‘business forecasting’ one, or our personal favourite, his ‘problem solving’ one!

With a degree in Maths and a breadth of experience elsewhere in the world of Finance and IT, you know with Rob he really does have it all under control!

Julian Sayer
Sales and Operations Director

Whether you’re already with us, looking to use our services or you’re one of our partners, chances are you’ll know Julian. He’s our Sales and Operations Director.

Got any burning questions about our products? Julian is more than willing to get on the phone and have a good chin-wag about what makes us different, and how we could make your life easier.