What have our staff been saying about us!?

By Team bluQube

When it comes to doing business, we believe honesty and transparency are always the best policy.



*eyes roll*… How corny you might think. Two words that you would expect to see weaved into some generic brand pillars, or a corporate tag line, but with little to no evidence to back them up.

But that’s not us! When we say transparent, we mean it. We’ve seen countless other IT suppliers pull the same tired cloak and dagger routines. Endless jargon, empty promises and whizzy demos of things you’re never going to receive. All so you don’t notice the ever-growing bill, soon to rear its big ugly head and kick your new relationship off on a dissatisfied foot before it's truly begun. That’s why we choose to do things differently.

There’s no greater evidence of this than what our customers say about us. We choose to work closely with customers to ensure they get the most out of their finance software, after all, if they’re happy then we’re happy. But as infinitely important as they are, our customers remain to be just one piece of the stakeholder pie.

bluQube Line Drawing Magnifying GlassThe other big slice being our staff. We might have fantastic accounting software, but without a solid team to keep it running, keep it advancing, and support our customers, things would soon grind to a halt. And just as we want to keep our customers happy, we want to keep our staff happy too and pay great attention to what they think.

But how will we know what they're thinking!? Well, we asked them. We asked them what they thought about the way we choose to do business. What is it that we do, that they think makes us better than the rest?

Continuing the theme of transparency, we wanted to share their responses with you.



Working With Real People

“I would say that one of the big differences in terms of support compared to our competitors would be that you can call us, and an actual person will answer. We do not have a call centre passing your query from department to department until it reaches someone that can deal with it, we have a support team that are a direct point of contact, and will deal with your problem.”

Business Support Consultant


“We always answer the phone within 3 rings and it’s a person who will answer, not an automated service!”

Finance Director


“We’ve had members of our Development team go on-site and sit down with customers to really understand how they use the software. They work alongside customers to develop fixes that truly fit the way our customers work.”

Digital Marketing Manager


“We work with Reference Customers to help us make sure that everything we are developing is going to be beneficial to our customers.”



Processes That Make Sense


“Lots of customers have commented on the new remote way of doing consultancy and having shorter sessions spread over a period of time. It gives them much more time to trial things and they aren’t left feeling that they wished they asked something, as the consultant is coming back again in a week or so to do another short session”

Director of Customer Services


"About a year before I left my last job, we implemented a well-known alternative system as a replacement for our then existing accounting software. The difference between our implementation, consultancy and support and that from the huge corporation is really something! From memory, the actual implementation took around 3 months, for a start – ours is much quicker and more efficient! There was also very little flexibility in terms of set-up, module access etc whereas we seem to go out of our way (pre-upgrade checks with the consultant as an example) to ensure that the customer is in completely the right place when we hit the “go” button. The product itself is ridiculously intuitive to use. We’ve created it in a way so that an end-user can pick it up and be up and running within a few clicks and then we’ve obviously got the “how-to” guides and videos to help… If a user does need support, Chelsie and her team respond within minutes in most cases! With the alternative system, you’d log something and have to wait days or weeks for a response.

We also get the customer up and running more or less straightaway which is vital when doing month-end reporting. Finally, on the consultancy and training sessions, despite there being some guides for what should be covered, we are flexible enough to let the customer drive the session and interact in a way that allows them to learn what they genuinely need to learn to do their jobs. In contrast, the other training sessions were structured so generically and a lot of the information was not applicable to certain roles – as a result, many of us struggled in the first few months to actually do our jobs efficiently."

Business Consultant


bluQube line drawing crowd cheering

Honest and Transparent


“We deliver fixed-price implementations rather than the old IT tactic of shipping cheap then topping up additional days later.”

Head of Marketing & PR


“We use our software ourselves, and always roll out upgrades to our own systems first, so we know it works!"

Product Manager

Stable Systems


“We back up your data using the industry-standard “3,2,1” method. (A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least three total copies of your data, two of which are local but on different mediums, and at least one copy off-site.)”

Technical Consultant


“We roll out regular releases so customers are rarely having to wait (up to 20 per year)”

Operations Director


"We run on the Oracle platform which has lots of awards and market presence. But it’s also a big complicated thing to install and manage, therefore Cloud makes it much easier for our customers to realise its benefits."

PL / SQL Developer


bluQube line drawing graph increase


Exceptional Customer Service


“We have dedicated account managers that pro-actively call to make sure our customers are ok, not just when they have something to sell!”



“The support team acts as a ‘bridge’ for our customer issues. This means that they will keep you updated if the issue is being looked at by another department – you won’t be made to ‘chase’ your own issues with numerous departments!”

Customer Support Team Leader


“Our customers get regular check-in calls from me when undertaking any big project! They’ll never be thrown in and left on their own.”



“All customers are assigned a member of the senior management team, an escalated point of contact above their account manager, should they ever need it.”

Finance Director


So there you have it. That’s what our team says about bluQube. But don’t just take their word for it, have a read of some of our customer case studies to see what our customers say too. Or, get in touch to quiz us yourself!


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