Why we think Oracle is the best IT solution around!

By Team bluQube

Here at bluQube we think that Oracle really is the best IT solution out there for any business system. Because if you’re serious about new technology, you seriously need to consider Oracle. That’s why it was our first choice platform when building bluQube


Value for Money

You know how sometimes a product is just so good that people think it must be out of their price range? Everyone knows that Oracle is an amazing piece of kit, but a lot of people think that means it must be expensive when it comes to buying systems built on an Oracle platform.

We’ll hold our hands up here. Yes, if you look at the price tag alone, other off-the-shelf business solutions do appear to cost less. But ask yourself what you’re buying. Do those other solutions come with all this?

• Installation
• Manageability
• Scalability
• Automation

With an Oracle-based system, all of the above come built-in. With Oracle’s competitors, they
don’t. So you’re not really comparing apples with apples. More like apples with apple seeds.

Did you know?

With cloud, it’s the supplier (ie. us) that foots the bill, not you. You don’t need to invest in clunky servers or lots of hardware. Instead, your supplier should be up to speed with all the latest IT, bringing you access to some awesome technology that you might not have been able to use until now.


So what does Oracle do?

It’s easier to say what it doesn’t do. Oracle really is the total, end-to-end solution for database management, offering everything from the operating system to the web front-end and including just about any application you need too. In general, it’s a database server, managing large amounts of data in a multiuser environment. But more importantly for your finance system, it holds it in a way that prevents unauthorised access and provides complete solutions for failure recovery.


It’s got a solid history

To show you just how solid and dependable Oracle really is, let’s take a step back in time. Way back in 1977, Oracle began life as a simple database, when it went by the moniker ‘Software Development Laboratories.’

Over the years Oracle grew and grew, building up solid and dependable technology. It can cope with huge volumes of data, and changes in technology are just water off a (very large) duck’s back.Line drawing lightbulbs

No wonder Oracle boasts over 345,000 customers across the globe, ranging from Sky to Amazon and Paypal to TomTom. But you don’t have to be a big hitter for Oracle to be a big hit. For example, Kent County Council and University College London are both able to make the most of Oracle for their own needs too.


Did you know?

Oracle customers include the world’s top 20 banks and the world’s top 20 universities. Also 19 out of the top 20 SaaS providers run their applications on top of the Oracle database.


It’s boringly reliable

Surprises are for parties, not for business. The last thing you want is an unexpected glitch that brings your system and your data crashing down. Thanks to Oracle’s long history and its established technology, it’s stable at every touch point. Think stick of rock with ‘STABLE’ written through it.
Oracle also comes with a load of automated tools built in to help with managing the data storage and memory. So it really is easy to spot any potential problems and deal with them before anything happens.


It’s scalable

You want to grow. And so does your system. As your business goes from strength to strength, you can rely on an Oracle platform to keep the pace. It will add on capacity as and when you need it, to give you extra resilience as you go. You won’t notice a join, everything is completely seamless, and limitless too.


It’s easy to manage

Oracle is a user-friendly piece of kit and your IT crowd should become experts at it in next to no time. As it’s been around for three decades, there are lots of tips and tools and seminars on the web, and you’ll find lots of people offer Oracle training courses. Plus being the market-leading, universal platform, your tech team will jump at the chance to get Oracle database skills on their CV.Line drawing heavy weight
It’s easy to tweak and fine-tune too. So if you’d like to change the environment or the configuration, simple. Talk to your supplier, and they’ll be able to do it via web tools or a simple interface.


It’s forward-looking

Every day people across the world create 2.2 million terabytes of data. Some business systems quake at the thought of that massive amount of information. But not Oracle. Emails, tweets, e-commerce, they’re one of the few databases that are big enough to handle this sort of Big Data. So you know that in the future, no matter how data and information evolve, Oracle is big enough to go with the flow.

Did you know?

Oracle’s first customer? The CIA. We kid you not. They were hired to create a custom database system, and the CIA gave it the code name ‘Oracle’.

It goes great with cloud

Cloud is transforming the way people do business. In fact it’s probably transforming the way you organise your personal diary or your music collection. And the great news is that Oracle platforms go just great with cloud too. There are lots of cloud solutions to choose from, and the awesome Oracle database is behind the best of them. Without dropping too many names, think LinkedIn or Amazon.

So if you’re operating on an Oracle-based system like bluQube, feel safe in the knowledge you’re getting the same phenomenal power that the truly global players have.


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