10 Reasons why your IT crowd love Cloud

By Team bluQube

Cloud is a great way to get your organisation working in harmony across the board. But what’s in it for your IT crowd? Won’t Cloud start treading on their toes? Not at all.


In fact, we’ve spoken to our very own tech team who’ve picked out ten big hitting reasons as to why they love working with cloud hosted business software.


10. All the costs are simplified

With Cloud, you pay for what you use. So rather than forking out a lot of cash for super-duper systems that sit there half used, you pay for what you need.
So forget the cost of buying or developing in-house. And forget shelling out on extra cables, infrastructure and gizmos. Cloud makes the IT costs a lot simpler.


9. You're future proof

The future can be a scary place. How much capacity will you need? Best buy a huge big data farm to be on the safe side. Okay, it’s hardly working up a sweat at the moment, but you never know what you might need with an upgrade.

Cloud offers a different way. You can scale up or scale down without having to have big beasts of servers sitting idle across the business.


8. You've got the environmental credentials

Every business worth its low emissions salt is cutting the carbon footprint. And without Cloud, your footprints can look a bit on the large side.

Think about your current system. Each internal system probably needs its own server. And each one of those is probably running at only 30 or 40% capacity. Ouch. That’s a lot of kit sitting around, and a lot of electricity being wasted.

With Cloud, you use exactly what you need, and bring your costs – and your carbon loafers – right down to size.


7. Out of office? Not a problem…Line drawing mobile phone

Your colleagues might not be in the building. But they’ll still be on the case. Cloud is always on and always there. So staff can just dial in to the very latest info whenever and wherever they need it.

Your workforce are ‘globalised’ as they can literally work anywhere in the world. And they’re empowered too – they can make decisions on the go.


6. Diversify your devices

Cloud doesn’t just make things more mobile. It makes things good for mobiles too. And for PCs, iPads and every other device you could think of. So you can plug in via your office PC during the day, then catch up with some more work on the train via your mobile, and check up on things via your internet enabled TV back at home.


5. You're in safe hands

Worried about people getting their fingers on your precious data?

Spending hours and hours backing up your system?

Spending time means you’re spending money too.

And it never goes smoothly does it? “The back up failed last night”… “Oh we can’t back that up it’s obsolete”… Sound familiar? With Cloud, your data is encrypted in transit and securely backed up. Disaster Recovery plans also become a whole lot simpler as your cloud provider needs to provide a service in line with their
SLA, no matter what your environment’s like.


4. Forget the admin...

Your IT crew spend hours looking after your on-premise systems. Back ups, updates, planning capacity, designing new systems, just the admin… it all takes time and uses up precious resources.
Cloud changes all that in an instant. Software gets updated automatically. So throw away (or recycle!) those hefty upgrade manuals. And don’t worry about the help desk getting sniffy with you because you’re four versions behind. With Cloud you’re always bang up to date. Getting up and running is easier too. You don’t have to sort out new hardware and software. A lot of Cloud services can simply be switched on with – you guessed it – the flick of a switch.


Top Tip

Don’t spend your time planning capacity. That’s your Cloud provider’s job. And you can forget about worrying  whether your servers are too old or what they’re built to handle.

Line drawing fly away


3. Your IT team can now re-focus

We guess you’re getting the picture that your IT team are now going to have more time on their hands. That’s great news. Instead of fire fighting, they can focus on what’s been on the back burners. The humdingers and not the humdrum. The innovations that lead your business forward.


2. You're working with a different set of experts

With Cloud, your IT crowd isn’t looking after the systems. So who is? The Cloud providers themselves of course, and as you’d expect they’re the experts. They know their systems like the back of their techy hands, so they’re the ideal people to keep things running smoothly.

That means you see fewer own goals and admin errors on your system. And probably fewer glitches and hardware hiccoughs, as everything is fine tuned to provide exactly what you want.


1. You've got the edge

Cloud helps you stay ahead of the competition. Things are changing all the time, and you can stay ahead of the curve as innovations automatically come built in. You don’t have to put up with an off-the-shelf, one-sizefits-all solution. Match your Cloud services to your business needs and get the very best in each service.


Line drawing thumbs up

Like what you’re hearing?

Talk to your IT department Now’s the perfect time to sit down for a cuppa with your IT team and chat them through the benefits. Cloud really frees them up to focus on the exciting stuff and the innovation.

Chances are they’ll be glad you’re seeing things from their point of view, and they’ll also be pleased to see how Cloud can make things easy for them too.


Ask them:

If our top ten strikes a chord with your business, then make sure you share the benefits with your IT team. They’ll need to know what you’re looking for and why.

Once that's all said and done, get in touch via the form below and we can help show you the way!


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