Why Bob Chooses "True Cloud" Accounting

By Team bluQube

Choosing Cloud Accounting Software has gone far beyond simply streamlining reporting and optimising efficiency...




Bob is a Finance Director with no time, no resource and swamped in a mess of inaccurate data

He and his team were struggling to sustain the confidence and trust of the business and the board. This was all due to multiple manual factors, leading to severe bottlenecks in the business with the finger being pointed at his team.

The finance team and wider business were becoming demotivated and unhappy. Excuses were starting to sound like a broken record and Bob himself was near breaking point having to work late; checking data is entered in the right format and systems were talking to each other correctly.




A sophisticated cloud accounting system was everything his team needed

Choosing Cloud Accounting Software has gone far beyond simply streamlining reporting and optimising efficiency; it improves strategic planning and development in even the most competitive sectors. Cloud enhances instant, real-time reporting through remote usage that lets us recognise trends early, meaning more scope for new business opportunities.

With fewer steps involved Bob was able to invest time in considering what the information was telling the business, and the best way to present recommendations for change.

Think about it, the simple ability to evaluate your finances immediately through interoperability could be the difference between being first to market with an industry-changing product, and just reacting to your competitors.

Like Bob, you can now adopt a successful resource-oriented strategy in the boardroom, as opposed to sticking with something that’s market-oriented. All businesses want to give themselves the best chance possible, and not embracing cloud might be the only thing standing in your way of doing just that!

Chances are you are already utilising cloud in your personal tech; Spotify, Netflix & Gmail.

Admit it, most people are puzzled by the inner workings of the cloud, how it works, how secure it is, what it can do for us etc…

We know your time is precious, so we aren’t going to waste it explaining the intricacies of shared hosting, the importance of economies of scale, or even how celebrities “revealing” pictures may have found their way into the public domain via their iCloud accounts. For that, we thought it’d be much more useful to explain exactly how we use the cloud and what cloud accounting software could be doing for you on a daily basis!



Be like Bob

Be smart, get your data modernised, automate processes and save costs on IT resource and tech upgrades. Choose bluQube cloud accounting and finance system



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