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Articles tagged with interoperability

Everyday systems freely share data, but why doesn't your finance software?

Our personal items talk to each other in real-time, so why doesn't our business data? If your data isn't communicating the way it should be, maybe it's time to take a look at bluQube. Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 10 August 2017

Merging with Heart of Worcestershire College

We helped Heart of Worcestershire implement bluQube across new sites, and take the leap to the cloud. We understand how difficult a merger can be, not to mention the task of planning and implementing a new finance system across all sites. But when Heart of Worcestershire College asked us to do this across 4 sites as a result of a recent merger – we took it in our stride. Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 17 February 2017

Time to transform your tech

Kodak, Blockbuster, Atari...there are plenty of famous businesses that are now nothing more than names. Instead of evolving, they stuck to what they did and...well, you know the rest... To stay successful, organisations need to react to market changes quickly and effectively. That means making sure all your processes are working faster and more efficiently. After all, your organisation is the sum of its parts, so it’s no good changing just one piece of kit, you have to make sure change is integrated across the board.  Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 9 September 2016

5 Top Tech Trends to Transform Your Reporting

With your business producing more data than ever before, the way you handle that information can make or break your business. Are you drowning in a sea of figures, never really trusting it’s accuracy? Thanks to developments in technology, you can take charge and make the decisions you need when you need to. Here are five key ways technology could help your business move forward.  Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 18 December 2015

To ERP or not to ERP?

When choosing a finance system, is it best to buy into a suite of software, or should you pick and choose the best solutions for each department? Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 22 July 2015

Interoperability and Integration - how does it work and why is it important?

Interoperability is the interconnection of systems to exchange data without the need for manual intervention. Previously, ensuring “shared data” was synchronised and accessible across multiple systems was a function performed with painful re-keying activities between disparate systems. These systems would need to contain or have access to the same... Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 23 March 2015

Why are you still re-keying data? Meet interoperability.

Interoperability. No doubt you've heard us mention it countless times, but what does it really mean? Simply, it allows all your existing computer systems to share information between themselves, meaning no more data re-entry for you AND no more getting tied in by one supplier. bluQube CEO and co-founder Simon, explains where it came from, how it works, and why you really can't afford to ignore it.  Read More

Written by: Simon Kearsley   

Posted: 23 September 2014

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s data mining we go

Finance directors using cloud-based accounting are seeing the benefit of integrating data in real-time... Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 28 July 2014

Integration starts with a little cogitation

So you get the benefits of integration and you want to make sure your HR department and accounts start talking to each other. But what are the next steps to take? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Here are some things to think about… Read More

Written by: Nicky Wilkins   

Posted: 23 April 2014

Integrating CRM and finance. Great idea. Now, where do we start?

Your CRM system’s probably a bit like the DNA of your business. It runs through everything you do, from department to department. And it holds so much data that it’d make things so much easier if it just talked to the accounts system directly.  Read More

Written by: A Friend of bluQube

Posted: 16 April 2014
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