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Meet Rob

By Day

Rob’s role at bluQube goes way beyond the ‘number crunching’ normally associated with being a Financial Controller. If he’s not wearing his ‘math’s’ hat, he may be sporting his ‘business forecasting’ one, or our personal favourite, his ‘problem solving’ one!

With a degree in Maths and a breadth of experience elsewhere in the world of Finance and IT, you know with Rob he really does have it all under control!


By Night

If being a magnificent team player Monday through to Friday isn’t enough, Rob spends most weekends rallying the troops for 11-a-side football. When he’s not on the pitch, you may find him on the fairway (for a quick 9 holes) or in the kitchen cooking up a quick fish stew.

If that fails to impress, then the fact he almost qualified to play chess for England when he was younger might!


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Advice from one FD to another

Posted: 7 January 2014

Advice from one FD to another

Posted: 7 January 2014

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