bluQube Wins Awards!

By Team bluQube

We're pretty proud of our product bluQube and it's unique approach to the market - Finances Online has just confirmed it's not just us that thinks so!


Our accounting software ensures your organisation has the right tools and insights to drive success. Correct software will free up your finance team to concentrate on the important things like strategy and the bottom line.

We have designed bluQube with 2 main pillars, to be user-friendly for anyone in the business to pick up and run with and to also be super-powerful! With some of the top universities and big businesses in the UK running bluQube, it's imperative that stability and ease-of-use remain at the forefront of development.


Finances Online have recognised bluQube as one of the Top Accounting Softwares currently on the market due to its 'Premium Usability,' integration and security. 

bluQube promotes a Self-Service methodology in organisations, where finance teams are no longer the bottleneck on reporting, where departments can easily input their own data and securely extract their own reports. 

All users can have a specific access class to limit accessibility to sensitive information. This allows everyone across the business to manage their own budgets and process invoices directly on the system, without pestering the finance team - now that, is Premium Usability. 


Simply fill in the box below or get in touch on 08456 44 77 88 to find out what bluQube and adopting a Self-Service methodology with premium usability can do for you! 



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