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How Do You Go About Purchasing A Finance System?

By Team bluQube

Letís talk about shopping for accounting systems and how painful a process it can be.

We are more than aware that companies (including us) may always seem to be talking about cloud accounting software and the next best things in finance – which can leave finance teams and purchasers understandably crippled by indecision and distracted from focussing on their actual needs.

To keep it simple, we’ve attempted to identify the reasons why people might be shopping for a new accounting system and what’s most important to them.

Us being us, we thought we’d make it a little more interesting than just grouping people into a list – instead we’ve decided to create some personas... See if you can identify where you might fit, or what sort of buyer you are? Are you a ‘Cost conscious Cathy’, or a ‘Feature focused Fred’ perhaps?  


bluQube Faces

  • Cost-Conscious Catherine/Craig (puts cost before most other things to fit in line with budgets)

  • Requirements Roger/Rebecca (has a list of tick boxes that their new software must deliver, a must before moving on)

  • Features Focused Freddie/Francesa (these guys is all about making sure things work for the organisation, is it easy to use/intuitive/smart processes that will benefit all stakeholders?)

  • Supplier Savvy Sally/Sebastian (this guy has been burned before, he wants to work with someone he can really trust – finance software is a big thing, you need a partner – not just a supplier)

bluQube Quiz



To get a real idea of where your priorities lie, we’ve gone a step further and designed you a fun little quiz that’ll tell you exactly where you fit...

Take our ‘How Do You Buy’ Quiz or get in touch below to find out more! 

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