With great accounting, comes great responsibility.

By Team bluQube

People expect finance departments to have answers at the drop of a hat! Well, now they can.


Most people don’t fully understand the day to day workings on the finance department and the stresses they face, and why would they – it’s not their role. But this leads to not knowing how best to communicate with finance teams that are under pressure, when they need something producing.

It’s our mission at bluQube to demystify accounting systems for businesses, so accounting departments don’t find themselves overstretched or underappreciated – and other departments don’t find themselves on finance’s dartboard.


Making software simpler

We’ve made inter department exchanges simpler, by making the software simpler – now anyone (even your organisations biggest technophobe) can access real-time data, use the software on multiple platforms, create reports and make important decisions based on logical provable figures, quickly!

Our innovative software was built with the whole business in mind, not just the finance department. Managers and Directors can access the system at anytime from anywhere to find out the figures they need, accurately and efficiently – say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and manual manipulation.

Inter-department connections



Giving access to non-finance staff

How you ask? Won’t giving access to inexperienced, non-finance staff open us up to errors?

Our software offers tailored reporting dashboards, designed to give your Managers and Directors top-level information that’s relevant to them (not the ability to flood your system with error ridden data) – all of which is personalised with an intuitive interface that your finance team won’t need to explain. With bluQube being browser based, they can access this whenever and wherever they want (as long as their internet connection is somewhat reliable).

At a glance, CEOs can now see what’s in the bank, concerned parties can see how their budgets are looking, managers can process invoices and orders at a few clicks of a button – and if they really want to know more they can drill down further at the click of a button (without all the printing, paper and postage costs).


In Short

  • We can remove the arduous, error ridden process of manually re-keying data, or performing multiple file uploads, by providing an interoperable system that automatically updates and shares data between all machines
  • We can provide real-time reporting, with accurate data, that can be accessed anywhere, by all who need it
  • All of which provides a more harmonious workplace (for all!)


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