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bluQube promotes a Self-Service methodology in organisations, where finance teams are no longer expected to create reports. The intuitive software offers departments the ability to easily input their own data and securely extract their own reports.

How it works

bluQube promotes a Self-Service methodology in organisations, where finance teams are no longer the bottleneck on reporting, where departments can easily input their own data and securely extract their own reports.

All users can have a specific access class to limit accessibility to sensitive information. This allows everyone across the business to manage their own budgets and process invoices directly on the system, without pestering the finance team.

Tablet and smartphone accessible

What's in it for me?

  • + Tiered access
    - Tiered access
    Opening up your finance system used to mean either relinquishing control on security measures or relying heavily on IT to provide a tailored solution. With bluQube, you can forget all of that, by authorising individuals to just see what you want them to see. Marketing Manager? Here are your budgets and invoices to approve, nothing else. Helping to improve your audit trail tenfold.
  • + Security
    - Security
    This modern technology matched with our own cloud service keeps your business safe and secure, benefitting from a consistent audit trail and removing paperwork from flying around the office.

    Since 1996 we began building our systems from the ground up, specifically with the purpose of securely holding your confidential finance data.

    We boast fantastic On-Premise set ups and since 2008; bluQube's cloud has been hosted in 'The Bunker' the UK's most secure data centre (which basically means you could take the worst-case scenario, double it and we still wouldn't be breaking a sweat), so you can consider your data in safe hands.
  • + Accessible
    - Accessible
    Worried that non-finance people will struggle to use the system? Full mobile compatibility makes the software engaging and exciting for the non-finance folk, allowing access to reports and order approval whilst on the go with a beautiful software interface via our cloud.

    All you need is an internet connection and you can access our 'best-in-class' data facilities and a simple to use interface anywhere. People outside of the finance team are encouraged to use the intuitive software, helping to remove bottlenecks in the business and lessen the workload on the finance team.

    We'll take care of the back end, maintaining, updating and improving the system remotely, so you don't have to; all of which means all you have to worry about is how best to make use of up-to-the-minute reporting

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