Meet Claire and her finance system implementation that all went wrong

By Team bluQube

Meet Claire… Claire is the Finance Director for a medium-sized financial services business.


Claire needed a finance system


Claire was desperately in need of a change of finance system. With her business growing rapidly, the accounting software they were using had pretty much ground to a halt, struggling to handle all the transactions they were putting through it.

Reporting on the complex business structure proved a headache, with the majority of it having to take place in Excel, only bringing further problems of its own. And while paying for a system on a per user basis proved to be good value 5 years ago, as her team has grown, she’s was no longer getting such good value for money.




Searching for software suppliers

Having identified all her pain points and mapped out key requirements for the new system, Claire underwent a long and lengthy review of potential suppliers.

Eventually, she found one she liked. Her team liked the look of the software and the sales guy promised to put an end to all their problems. So, she signed on the dotted line and got the implementation kicked off as quickly as possible.


bluQube line drawing implementation

A never-ending implementation

It wasn’t too long after the implementation began that cracks began to appear.

Claire found that the price she had agreed to didn’t cover some of the modules that had impressed her most during the demos. It also became apparent that they the go-live date they had planned for wasn’t going to be met.

With time and the implementation dragging on… and on… and on, the bill continued to grow, pushing the entire project way beyond budget.

Meanwhile, the limited access to the system they did get their hands on was proving hard to use and her team were struggling to get to grips with it. All the while, that sales guy that had previously impressed her so much, was nowhere to be seen.


Enough was enough

6 months on from project kick off and still yet to realise the benefits Claire and her team were desperately in need of, enough was enough.

But after receiving numerous recommendations, Claire got in touch with us at bluQube.

Having been around 25 years, it wasn’t the first time we’d heard horror stories like Claire’s. Thankfully, that’s not how we do things.

We showed Claire software that she could actually have.
We quoted for the bits Claire actually wanted.
We agreed a fixed-price implementation along with a pre-agreed time frame. In the unlikely event things did overrun, Claire could be safe in the knowledge she wouldn’t be paying for it this time.

We also gave Claire and her team the opportunity to meet directly with our Support team. She was pleased to learn that they were all UK based, and only ever 3 rings of a phone away. No more automated phone lines and online queuing systems that had pained her so much with her previous supplier.

Claire was also assigned a project sponsor – a senior member of the bluQube team to make sure everything stayed on track and always on hand as an escalation point if it was ever needed.


laptop bluQube line drawing

Going live with their new finance system

Just 4 weeks later, Claire’s new bluQube system was live.

bluQube was so intuitive to use that her team picked it up right away. On the rare occasion they did get stuck, the video help throughout the software was so clear they were able to work through tasks in their own time.

These days, Claire and her team are loving their new finance system and whizzing through tasks like never before.

Budget holders all say how much easier bluQube is for them. Being able to see their budgets on a real-time Dashboard proves to be a game-changer, no longer having to wait around for month-end reports. And when they need to approve invoices, they simply log in and do so electronically, meaning all their goods arrived much sooner.

Another happy customer for bluQube.


thumbs up bluQube line drawing

Welcome to the world of bluQube

At bluQube, we work with you to implement the system your business needs.

And the relationship doesn’t end at the go-live date, in fact that’s only the beginning. We continue to work closely with our customers to ensure they continuously get the most out of the tools they have.

That’s why 80% of our customers have been using bluQube for more than 10 years, and score us 4.8/5 for our support service.

Plus, with a secure cloud system that’s proven itself over 10 years, built upon leading Oracle technology, you won’t ever need to worry.

After all, if you’re happy, we’re happy. It’s simple relationship-based business.

Welcome to the world of bluQube.


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