Everyday Interoperability

By Team bluQube

Up-to-Date Instantly. These everyday systems freely share data, so why doesn't your finance software?


So many of our personal items share data back and forth in real-time, regardless of platform or supplier.

So why isn't this interoperability so easy in our finance systems?

Let's take a little look at some examples that show just how common
place interoperability really is...


Interoperability in the palm of your hand...

The everyday things you carry in your pocket that work together



Facebook Mobile

Facebook events & birthdays seamlessly sync with your iPhone calendar.


Social Meida

LinkedIn updates can instantly be shared on Twitter with just the tick of a box.



Apps such as Uber can use Google maps to show you how far away your taxi is from reachin g you, instantly updating its location in real-time.



Products like Wocket - an electronic wallet - let’s you combine all your debit, credit and loyalty cards from different banks and stores into one card. So simple!


...and at home.

The parts of your home that are benefitting from data sharing


smart home wifi

Smart central heating thermostats access current weather information to efficiently control your home’s heating.


smart home wifi sound

Apps such as Homely allow you to control your lights, blinds, TV and stereo all from your smartphone.

smart home wifi fridge

Smart fridges scan your food, search the web and recommend recipes, place orders with your favourite supermarket and update its contents in real-time with your smartphone no matter where you are.

Netflix Youtube

Smart TVs access data from services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube as well as play videos from PCs, MACs, hardrives and flashdrives.


Interoperability in your office... so where is it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy all these benefits with your business systems?

Well...yes! But unfortunately, many pieces of financial software lack this (now standard) feature, instead trying to force you in to their full suite of systems. But bluQube is different, we’ve worked hard to ensure our software plays nice with others. Meaning you can pick and choose the best systems for each area of your business and all that data will sync seamlessly with finance.

Talk to us today to find out more about how this modern technology can really change your business for the better.


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