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Debt Management - your finances can only be as sound as the information at your fingertips
bluQube has a solution for helping business keep on top of their debts. We can help avoid those oversights, missed downward trends and poorly handled debt management cases, with smart reporting and increased automation - so it's no longer an arduous task.

How it works

With our Debt Management Control Centre, you'll always have up-to-date, real-time reporting, with dashboard reports designed to provide true insight. What does this mean? It means that finance teams already under pressure, can manage their debts efficiently and consistently - focusing on steady future cashflow opposed to putting out fires.

Tablet and smartphone accessible

What's in it for me?

  • + Seamless debt processes
    - Seamless debt processes
    Having a debt chasing process built in to bluQube, your custom-built steps are there to be followed in a timely, accurate manner. If a letter or email needs to be sent to a customer, it can be done straight from the system with pre-built templates and batch-send capabilities. This allows for a personal touch with customers without your team spending hours in the process, making it easier to do little and often - consistently benefitting your cashflow.

    bluQube has been built from the ground up on a solid Oracle database since 1996, in that time we have been able to enhance the software again and again. All of this means that you can benefit from a range of features in the debt process, including the ability to exclude certain customers automatically from receiving any form of follow up material.
  • + Accessibility
    - Accessibility
    As well as anyone in the finance team now able to chase debt, people outside of the department are encouraged to use the intuitive software for their needs, helping to remove bottlenecks in the business and lessen the workload on the finance team further. All you need is an internet connection to access bluQube from any device.

    We'll take care of the back end, maintaining, updating and improving the system remotely, so you don't have to; all of which means all you have to worry about is making the most of your up-to-the-minute, mobile reporting.

    Step by step help is also in place on bluQube to guide you through the process of ultimate accuracy.
  • + Accurate
    - Accurate
    Thanks to interoperability everything is now connected. Any data added on to any of your software is available in an instant without the need to re-key any data - exposing it to errors and security threats is a thing of the past.
  • + Debt management service
    - Debt management service
    With debt management from bluQube, you can pass the task on to us to make sure bills get paid efficiently. We offer three levels of support to help you manage the debt and improve cash flow, resulting in happier, more productive finance teams.

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