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Introducing our problem-solving, hard-working, game-changing accounting software.

So how can we help?

Smartphones, photos, diaries, everyone expects cloud nowadays, so bluQube can offer both on-premise and cloud-based options.

We can also offer true Interoperability, allowing all your systems to share information in real time. No more manual data entry, no more backlog, just efficient working.

bluQube enables devolved accounting too, so your teams can take responsibility for their own stuff, and your finance people can go back to focusing on the numbers. And there's one final benefit. With us as your partners, our dedication and flexibility help you stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

You want:
The option of data on demand wherever you are, without any hassle for your IT department.

We can help:

  • With cloud you just pay for what you need
  • The system can grow with your organisation, so you can scale up or down when you need to
  • You free up your workforce to work and make decisions anywhere
  • We're experts in security, so you can be sure all your data is watertight
  • We offer on-premise options too, so the choice is yours!

You want:
To choose the solutions that work for you and get your systems talking to each other.

We can help:

  • You can count on us to get all your systems talking to each other
  • Unlike other suppliers, bluQube can talk to any system you have or want
  • We've been at the forefront of integrated systems for 18 years
  • Data can be updated from other systems in real-time, and as there's no manual re-keying you save time too.

You want:
To give other departments the ability to access the data they need whenever they want to.

We can help:

  • Devolved accounting lets managers access the data they need without having to wait for the figures from finance
  • So everyone can make informed decisions in real time
  • And it frees up the finance team, so they can concentrate on the day job
  • We offer you expertise and stable support to help you make the switch.

You want:
To wave goodbye to the old-style IT supplier

We can help:

  • Technology and ways of doing things have moved on, so don't get stuck with the old school
  • And don't let software hold you back, it should help you get where you want to be
  • We look at your organisation to map out a solution that's right for you
  • By taking your business goals into account, we make a difference with the strategy, not just the software
  • We're early adopters, so we know the latest IT and can get you up and running ASAP.