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What can bluQube's software do for you?

With smartphones and tablets synching everything from music to diaries, everyone wants the benefits of cloud computing nowadays. Including your colleagues.

bluQube is an innovative and unique accounting platform that can make your world a heck of a lot easier. We can help you introduce true Interoperability, so your accounting system can receive updated data in real time from other systems like CRM and payroll.

That leads to true devolved accounting, as your colleagues can access financial data to make smart decisions on the move, freeing up the finance department to concentrate on the day job.

Plus we can help you with both our cloud and on-premise options, so your team can access all that info wherever and whenever they need it. You'll work more smoothly and more efficiently than ever before.

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Key Benefits of bluQube:

  • Interoperability, with your systems talking to each other in real time
  • No more need to re-key data, saving time and eliminating human error
  • Devolved accounting, so your teams can access the data they need, wherever and whenever they need it, as well as carry out basic finance admin, like entering POs.
  • A freed-up accounting team that can concentrate on the finance, not departmental budget reports
  • Easy to use software via an intuitive interface and online access
  • Easily accessible through the web, smartphones and tablets, meaning easy access wherever you are
  • A system designed for you, with lots of support and up-to-the-minute solutions.
Screenshots of bluQube in action!

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