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How we've helped others

Supporting Growth with

When Brook underwent significant structural changes they were in need of a finance system that would help unify sites and staff nationwide. Now, having celebrated their 50 year milestone, the charity looks to the future with further plans for growth.

How we changed the world

We gave
Exor Corporation
the tools to grow

Exor had out-grown their existing financial system and needed a new one that would support them. Since finding creative ways to tackle the most challenging problems is second nature to us, we put our heads together and developed a shiny new solution, which made everyone's life a little bit easier.

How we changed the world

We guided
The Fashion Retail Academy
to the world of financial bliss

Predicting how much your business or organisation will grow when it's in its infancy is no easy feat, so when The Fashion Retail Academy realised that their two year old system was no longer able to cope with the increasing numbers of students enrolling, they looked to us for some divine inspiration. Not surprisingly, what we delivered had them beaming from ear-to-ear.

How we changed the world

We helped
Brunel University
get up to speed

We're firm believers in the notion that 'There must be a better way'. We love challenges that stretch our thinking and working with Brunel University did exactly that. With hundreds of courses, a plethora of students and numerous campuses to consider, they needed a smarter way of managing finances easily and effectively, without any of the time-consuming repetition.

How we changed the world

We made
Bishop Grosseteste University College
100% paperless

No one understands the headaches associated with a slow, cumbersome system more than us. Which is why, when Bishop Grosseteste approached us to help change their rather un-friendly system into a paperless office which belonged in the 21st Century, we jumped at the chance to knock their socks off.

How we changed the world
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