Accounts Payable Automation

The accounts payable process is far too often slow, manual and time-consuming, with entire teams dedicated to monotonously keying invoices into the finance system.

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. bluQube's automated solution allows you to eliminate all that painful data entry by instantly entering invoices on your behalf. Saving time, cost and reducing human error.

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automated accounts payable

How it works

Automating your organisation's accounts payable process with bluQube is as simple as sending an email!

Once you receive an invoice from a supplier and give it a quick check over, simply forward that email on to your bluQube system. bluQube reads the invoice, enters that information directly in to your system, marries it with the relevant PO and sends it off for a swift electronic approval.

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Save time and money on re-keying invoices

How much time do you currently spend on entering invoices?  Some organisations we work with are processing up to 20,000 invoices a year. That's a lot of time and money spent simply re-keying data from an invoice and in to the finance system.

bluQube allows you to completely eliminate that time spent re-keying information, saving you countless man-hours and costs!


Reduce the risk of human error

Even the best members of your team make mistakes and once a mistake is entered in to the finance system it can be a pain to correct it.

By applying bluQube's automation to your invoice entry, you do away with the threat of costly human error and benefit from accurate and uniform data every time.

Receive goods faster

In the past members of your team might set aside a Thursday afternoon to sifting through that week's invoices. They'll slowly chug away at the overflowing inbox, pausing for a cup of tea until eventually calling it a day when the clock strikes 5.30. With the invoice for your all important order having to unfortunately wait for another day.

With bluQube automating that process for you, invoices are available on the finance system instantly, ready for quick electronic approval. bluQube's mobile friendly interface and browser based access even enables invoices to be quickly approved by authorisers on he go.

All meaning invoices are processed and payments are made faster, improving your cash flow and ensuring those all important orders always arrive on tie.

Free your staff to focus their expertise

Free from the slow and painful invoice entry process, your staff will find themselves with bags of time to focus on new things.

Just think what your organisation could achieve with their combined expertise focussed on things like reporting, forecasting and more detailed analysis.

Automating 17,000 invoices with University of Wales

Manually inputting 17,000 invoices a year proved to be a full time job for University of Wales. We worked with them to streamline this process with an automated solution, saving countless man-hours