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For wannabe partners

In the same way that you seek certain qualities in your ideal soul mate, we aim to partner with businesses and organisations that share the same values and interests as us. We're quite picky, we don't just 'hook-up' with anyone because they 'look good', for us it's what's on the inside that counts.

Sound like an interesting proposition? When opportunity knocks

If you're still a bit unsure, we thought it might help you to know who is already part of the bluQube happy family...

bluQube's software is based on Oracle's platform. This means that we've got the stability and quality of an Oracle database, but our developers and programmers are able to add extra flexibility and integration. This all means that our customers enjoy a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

bluQube is a member of BASDA, which stands for Business Application Software Developers Association, representing almost 200 of the world's leading business software suppliers. The logo appears on every page of our site to show that we subscribe to BASDA's Code of Practice, and we agree to abide by the terms of the code which covers Product Development; Testing/Quality Assurance; Documentation and Software Support.

EGS is the UK's leading provider of e-commerce exchanges for trading with the public sector. Over 150 public sector buying organisations subscribe to an EGS powered exchange, transacting with more than 30,000 registered suppliers. bluQube has collaborated with EGS by linking our CommerceConnect functionality with their market places. For our customers, this means a smooth paperless purchasing process. Just one other feature of bluQube that we're proud of! 

Steve White Racing
bluQube works in a sponsorsed partnership with White Ocean Racing in a bid to support Steve White, who set up the company. bluQube has sponsored him during the 2008 Vendee Globe, which is regarded as the most gruelling race in the international sailing calendar and tests single handed sailors with a 27,000 mile non stop journey around the world. His next challenge is a record attempt to take on sailing's toughest challenge - sailing "Westabout" non-stop and alone the wrong way around the World!

NCC Group
NCC group is a leading provider of Escrow Solutions. We've teamed with them in order to give our customers the reassurance of an Escrow function, meaning any business critical application or material can be stored safely with NCC Group. Building a long lasting relationship with our customers is very important to us, and by giving them the security of an Escrow facility is one way we've managed to do just that. 

V1 provide an invoice scanning service. With the growing popularity of the move towards a paperless office, it was important to us that bluQube was able to help with that move. Through tight integration with the V1 products, our customers are able to save huge costs by creating digital storage of their historical invoices, and keeping current and future invoices in the same digital format. What's more, V1's DB Capture solution uses advanced Optical Character Recognition to speed up the inputting of supplier invoices. It's a collaboration that just works.

The Bunker
The Bunker is our hosting partner which, for all our cloud customers, means they're the lot who are responsible for storing all your data. Now this is some real James Bond stuff! As the name suggests, their server is held deep underground in a former military command centre. Millions of pounds have been invested in the centre to ensure the servers are not only safe, but can run efficiently. Their facilities are ISO27001 accredited and their technical leaders are experts in security and cryptography. We would trust these guys with our iPads, lives, children, you name it...and are proud to work with them to give you the best cloud service.

Leading Resolutions
These guys are our IT infrastructure advisors, and know an awful lot about cloud services, IT strategy and development. Their expertise doesn't just stop there, it covers all sorts from business change to sourcing and offshoring, vendor selection and management to technology selection.