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What can bluQube's Accounting Software do for you?

bluQube is an innovative and unique accounting platform that is designed to help make the world of the finance professional that little bit easier. Through an intuitive interface, online access, cloud accounting and handy integration tools, bluQube will make finance tasks run smoothly and more efficiently than ever before.

The rapid evolution of technology in business, something we're passionate about, has helped to revolutionise accounting software. Finance professionals can now benefit from better accessibility through interoperability. This means that your accounting system can receive updated data, in real-time, from your other systems such as CRM and payroll. What's more, bluQube is browser based, so no matter where you are, your data is at your fingertips. bluQube will also work on most smartphones and tablets for even easier access on the go.

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Key Benefits of bluQube:

  • Real-time integration with a wide range of other systems such as CRM, HR etc...
  • Save time re-keying data
  • Ease of use (inc. non finance professionals) and self-service budget management
  • Easy, up-to-date automated reporting that can be customised to whatever level of information you'd like
  • Ability to share transparent and meaningful financial information between departments or teams, without duplication of data
  • eCommerce enabled
  • Easily accessible through the web, smartphones and tablets, meaning easy access no matter where you are
  • Responsive support and development services direct from us
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